Prof. Dr. Alexandra Schwartz

Research topic

Discrete-Nonlinear Optimization

Contact information


Dolivostraße 15

D-64293 Darmstadt



+49 6151 16 - 24410


+49 6151 16 - 24404




schwartz (at) gsc.tu...

Consultation hours

  • Thursday, 13:30 to 15:00, starting on October 19th, ending on February 15th
  • No office hours on January 18th and January 25th.
  • Before October 19th and after February 15th please contact me via email to arrange an appointment

Curriculum Vitae

If you want to know more about me, please have a look here.


Lectures and Seminars

In the current term I am teaching the classes below. Detailed information on my teaching in previous and upcoming terms can be found here.

  • Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints (2+1, in German, Master): A lecture on a special class of nonlinear optimization problems. We will discuss examples, derive suitable optimality conditions and develop solution algorithms. After registering for the course in TUCaN you can find more information and all material in moodle

My lecture notes from previous classes can be downloaded here:

Bachelor and Master Theses

  • If you are interested in writing your bachelor thesis under my supervision, please have a look here.
  • If you are interested in writing your master thesis under my supervision, please have a look here

For Schools

To show pupils how versatile mathematics can be and where it is used in our everyday life, the department of mathematics has created the program Math on Demand. Members of the department offer presentations and classes on a wide range of topics from mathematics. Interested schools can book these for individual classes or bigger groups. The presentations are either held at the school or the pupils can visit us at the department.

Within this program, I offer the following presentations:

For a complete list of all presentations or a booking please visit Math on Demand.


Research Interests

  • Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints or Vanishing Constraints 
  • Mathematical Programs with Cardinality Constraints and Sparse Optimization
  • Generalized Nash Games and Hierarchical Games
  • Applications thereof, e.g. Contest Design Problems, Truss Design and Computation Offloading

Research Group

Latest Publications

Below are some of my latest publications and preprints. For a complete list of all my publications please have a look here.

  • Daniel Nowak, Tobias Mahn, Hussein Al-Shatri, Alexandra Schwartz, and Anja Klein: A Generalized Nash Game for Mobile Edge Computation Offloading, accepted at IEEE Mobile Cloud 2018
  • M. Bucher and A. Schwartz: Second Order Optimality Conditions and Improved Convergence Results for a Scholtes-type Regularization for a Continuous Reformulation of Cardinality Constrained Optimization Problems, 2017, submitted (Preprint)
  • M. Branda, M. Bucher, M. Červinka, and A. Schwartz: Convergence of a Scholtes-type Regularization Method for Cardinality-Constrained Optimization Problems with an Application in Sparse Robust Portfolio Optimization, 2017, accepted at Computational Optimization and Applications (Preprint, this is an extended version of this research report)
  • M. Červinka, C. Kanzow, and A. Schwartz: Constraint Qualifications and Optimality Conditions of Cardinality-Constrained Optimization Problems, Mathematical Programming 160, p. 353-377, 2016 ( JournalPreprint)
  • O. Burdakov, C. Kanzow, and A. Schwartz: Mathematical Programs with Cardinality Constraints: Reformulation by Complementarity-type Constraints and a Regularization Method, SIAM Journal on Optimization 26, p. 397-425, 2016 ( JournalPreprint)

Upcoming Presentations

Next year I am giving presentations at the following conferences and workshops. A complete list of all my past scientific presentations can be found here.

  • Mathematisches Kolloquium Dresden
  • Winterschool on "Modern Methods in Nonsmooth Optimization" in Würzburg


Technische Universität Darmstadt

Graduate School CE
Dolivostraße 15
D-64293 Darmstadt

Phone+49 6151/16-24401    or
Fax+49 6151/16-24404

to assistants' office

Please use our contact form, if you have any questions or feedback.

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