Open Theses Projects for BSc/MSc Students

Below you find descriptions of open BSc/MSc theses within the Graduate School for students at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. They are ordered according to the research foci/cross-sectional areas. For each project you can download a PDF page, which provides a short overview and contact information. Additional prerequisites may be stated, too. Please address all questions directly to the named tutor.
The descriptions are provided in one language only (German or English).

RF 5: Combustion

STFS-global mechanisms (183 K)

STFS-flow bench (267 K)

STFS engine (478 K)

STFS-Bunsen flame (218 K)

STFS-bubbles (305 K)

STFS-ML (793 K)


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Open BSc/MSc Theses

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