Paul Weber


Research interests

Coming from general computational engineering I focused during the last years on mathematical modeling in the context of multiphase flows, especially liquid/gas systems. Thereby are my main interests in the different mechanisms of mass transport, i.e. convection, diffusion and migration. Aiming at an increased understanding of complex phenomena I am developing and analysing Interface Tracking Methods suitable for Direct Numerical Simulation of rising bubbles.

Beeing a fan of free software I am doing my studies within the framework provided by OpenFOAM Extend, especially by extending the therein contained top level solvers interTrackFoam and bubbleInterTrackFoam.

Research topic

Trying to put everything I am working on into a descriptive title is rather difficult. However, the official topic of my thesis is Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Multi-Component Two-Phase Fluid Systems with Ionic Species. Please visit the webpage of my research project to read more.

Bachelor Thesis/Master Thesis/ADP

While working on my PhD project frequently questions arise that are perfectly suited for a bachelor or master thesis. If you would like to use your thesis to make your own contribution to the research field of multiphase flows, please do not hesitate to contact me.

List of Publications

  • Pesci, C, Weber, PS, Falcone, M, Marschall, H, Bothe, D. Finite Volume / Finite Area Interface Tracking Method for Two-Phase Flows With Soluble Surfactants and Mass Transfer. Poster at 9th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, 2016.
  • Weber, PS, and Bothe, D. Applicability of the Linearized Theory of the Maxwell–Stefan Equations. Research article in AIChE Journal, Accepted, 2016.
  • Weber, PS, Marschall, H, and Bothe, D. Eine Interface Tracking Methode für Stofftransport an einer aufsteigenden Blase. Oral presentation at ProcessNet CFD Fachgruppentreffen, 2015.
  • Weber, PS, Marschall, H, and Bothe, D. Highly Accurate Two-Phase Species Transfer Based on ALE Interface Tracking. Research Article. Submitted, 2015.
  • Weber, PS, Marschall, H, and Bothe, D. An ALE Interface Tracking Method for Species Transfer of Rising Bubbles. Oral presentation at 13th Multiphase Flow Conference, 2015.
  • Marschall, H, Deising, D, Dieter-Kissling, K, Maric, T, Weber, PS, and Bothe, D. On Numerical Methods for the Direct Numerical Simulation of Bubbly Flow and Interfacial Mass Transfer using OpenFOAM. Oral presentation at 2nd International Symposium on Multiscale Multiphase Process Engineering, 2014.
  • Weber, PS, Marschall, H, and Bothe, D. Species Transport and Stability Issues in ALE Frameworks. Poster at 2nd International Conference on Numerical Methods for Multiphase Flows, 2014.

Contact information


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