Tobias Fischer


Research interests

Mathematics, Discrete Optimization, Communication Technology

Contact information


Dolivostraße 15

D-64293 Darmstadt



+49 6151 16 - 23496


+49 6151 16 - 24404




tfischer (at) mathem...


DFG priority program: Compressed Sensing in Information Processing (CoSIP)
Subproject: EXploiting structure in comPREssed Sensing using Side constraints (EXPRESS)

Constraint handler for special ordered set type one (SOS1) constraints, as part of the software SCIP


Tobias Fischer and Marc E. Pfetsch: On the Structure of Linear Programs with Overlapping Cardinality Constraints, Preprint: Optimization Online, January 2017

Tobias Fischer and Marc E. Pfetsch: Monoidal Cut Strengthening and Generalized Mixed-Integer Rounding for Disjunctive Programs, Preprint: Optimization Online, March 2016

Gerald Gamrath, Tobias Fischer, Tristan Gally, Ambros M. Gleixner, Gregor Hendel, Thorsten Koch, Stephen J. Maher, Matthias Miltenberger, Benjamin Müller, Marc E. Pfetsch, Christian Puchert, Daniel Rehfeldt, Sebastian Schenker, Robert Schwarz, Felipe Serrano, Yuji Shinano, Stefan Vigerske, Dieter Weninger, Michael Winkler, Jonas T. Witt, Jakob Witzig: The SCIP Optimization Suite 3.2, ZIP-Report 15-60, February 2016

Tobias Fischer and Marc E. Pfetsch: Branch-and-Cut for Linear Programs with Overlapping SOS1 Constraints, Preprint: Optimization Online, April 2015
Instances and additional material


July 15, 2015
ISMP 2015, Pittsburgh (invited talk)
Branch-and-Cut for Linear Programs with Overlapping SOS1 Constraints

October 2, 2014
SCIP Workshop 2014, Zuse Institute Berlin
Using SCIP to Solve Linear Programs with Complementarity Constraints

August 1, 2014
FRICO 2014 Future Research in Combinatorial Optimization, Magdeburg
Optimization with Complementarity Constraints: Structure and Algorithms


Technische Universität Darmstadt

Graduate School CE
Dolivostraße 15
D-64293 Darmstadt

Phone+49 6151/16-24401
Fax -24404

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