Cognition: The Enabler of New Generation of Engineering Systems

Prof. Dr. Simon Haykin, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

14 Sep 2009, 16:00; Location: S3|06-249

When we speak of cognition, we usually think of the human brain: A powerful and highly complex information-processing system. So, I set the stage for my lecture by describing the Action-Perception Cycle that is an inherent characteristic of the brain.

With the Action-Perception Cycle as the focus of attention throughout the lecture, I will then describe four engineering applications of cognition:

  1. Cognitive Mobile Assistant for dealing with information overhead in social networking.
  2. Cognitive Radio for dealing with the spectrum underutilization problem.
  3. Cognitive Tracking Radar for enhancing the resolution of targets beyond the reach of current radar systems.
  4. Cognitive Energy Systems for dealing with the serious shortcomings of today's power grid.

In the course of describing Cognitive Tracking Radars, I will also describe a new generation of nonlinear filters, which we have named "Cubature Kalman Filters" that are the closest approximation to Bayesian Filters in a Gaussian environment.

Category: CE Seminar


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