Amorphous Data-parallelism

Prof. Keshav Pingali, University of Texas, Austin

22 Sep 2016, 10:00–11:00; Location: S2|02-C110

Although data-parallelism is ubiquitous in high-performance computing (HPC) algorithms, many algorithms in other areas such as graph analytics, machine learning, and VLSI placement and routing exhibit a more complex kind of parallelism that called "amorphous data-parallelism."

In this talk, I describe a simple programming model called the operator formulation of algorithms for specifying amorphous data-parallelism, and a system called Galois for exploiting amorphous data-parallelism. Experimental results show that this is a practical approach for exploiting parallelism in complex, irregular applications that are beyond the capabilities of current commercial systems.

Category: CE Seminar


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