On Stability of Stationary Points in MPCCs

Michal Červinka, Ph.D., Charles University, Prague

1 Sep 2014, 16:15–18:00; Location: S4|10-1

We consider parameterized mathematical programs with constraints governed by the generalized nonlinear complementarity problem and with additional non-equilibrial constraints. We study a local behavior of stationarity maps that assign the respective C- or M-stationarity points of the problem to the parameter. We provide criteria for the isolated calmness and the Aubin properties of stationarity maps considered. To this end, we derive formulas for some particular objects of the third-order variational analysis, e.g. coderivative of coderivative of the normal cone mapping to nonnegative reals.

Coauthors: Jiri Outrata and Miroslav Pistek

Category: CE Seminar


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