Block preconditioners for problems in magma dynamics

Dr. Garth Wells, Cambridge University

25 Sep 2014, 16:30–18:00; Location: S4|10-1

Simulations of realistic Earth science problems are characterised by massive scale and coupled sets of equations. In the case of problems such as subduction zones, geometric effects are central. These features demand numerical methods and software libraries that are flexible and high performance, and the deployment of scalable linear solvers. In working towards the simulation of realistic subduction zones, I will present work on the development on scalable block preconditioners for coupled mantle/magma flow. The preconditioners are proven, through analysis, to be optimal with respect to problem size. Devising methods that are uniform with respect to model parameters and are effective across the necessarily wide range of physical regimes is challenging. A number of numerical examples will be presented, together with an overview of the software tools used to construct preconditioners at a high level. Finally some open issues will be discussed, a number of which are common to preconditioners for H(div) and H(curl) problems.

This is joint work with Sander Rhebergen, Richard Katz and Andy Wathen.

Category: CE Seminar


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