Wang Tilings in Synthesis of Microstructure Informed Enrichment Functions With Application in Trefftz Method

Jan Novak, Ph.D., Czech Technical University in Prague

21 Oct 2013, 16:15–17:45; Location: S2|17-103

The sustainable environmental tendencies lead to a highly optimized design of majority of consumer products. In Materials Engineering, this is mirrored by a race towards miniaturization and top product performance. A potential success is seen in a detailed understanding and incorporation of characteristic physical processes taking place at materials microstructure in macro-scale design, which is the goal of Novak’s research agenda.

Since their formal definition in 1961, Wang tilings have been the subject of vigorous studies in Discrete Mathematics and gained an extensive attention in Computer Graphics, Game industry, Theory of quasicrystals and Biology. In the present talk, Dr. Novak addresses yet another application of this tool combined with image analysis and spatial statistics to compression and reconstruction of materials with disordered microstructures. Moreover, a discussion of the potential of Wang tiles in synthesis of microstructural enrichment functions for Generalized Finite Element environments will be given and accompanied with preliminary outcomes.

Category: CE Seminar


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