On the Manifold-Mapping Technique for Optimization Problems with Partial Differential Equation Constraints

Prof. Dr. Domenico Lahaye, TU Delft

27 Apr 2009, 16:00; Location: S2|17-103

Optimization problems with partial differential equations constraints are computationally challenging problems that appear in a wide range of engineering applications. Space-mapping techniques allow to speed their solution procedure by extracting information from approximate models such as for instance analytical and lumped parameter approximations. Early variants of the technique are not guaranteed to not converge to a local minimizers. The theoretical framework of defect correct-correction iterations allowed to fix this shortcomming resulting in the manifold-mapping variant. In this talk we will first review the basic principles of the manifold-mapping technique and then illustrate the computational speed-up it delivers in solving design problems in low frequency electromagnetic fields, semiconductors and aerospace applications.

Category: CE Seminar


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