Understanding anisotropic mesh adaptation from the perspective of uniform meshes in a metric space: Theory and applications

Prof. Dr. Weizhang Huang, University of Kansas

12 Mar 2009, 17:00; Location: S1|03-123

Anisotropic mesh adaptation has proven to be a useful tool for enhancing accuracy and efficacy in the numerical solution of partial differential equations, especially those exhibiting anisotropic features in their solutions and/or structures.  On the other hand, the mathematical characterization of anisotropic meshes has not been well understood. In this talk I will present an approach with which anisotropic meshes are viewed as uniform ones in some metric space. An advantage of this approach is that the simple characterization of uniform meshes will lead to a clear mathematical characterization of adaptive, often non-uniform meshes. As a result, two conditions, the well-known equidistribution condition and a less-known alignment one, are shown to be able to characterize the size and the shape and orientation of elements of anisotropic meshes, respectively.

Applications of the characterization to anisotropic mesh generation and error analysis in finite element computation will be discussed. Numerical examples and applications will be given.

Category: CE Seminar


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