A Signal Processing Approach to the Analysis and Modeling of Driving Behavior

Prof. Kazuya Takeda, Graduate school of information science, Nagoya University

28 Oct 2010, 17:00; Location: S4|10-1

Since 2004, the driving behavior of more than five hundred drivers has been collected while subjects drove in real traffic, by researchers at Nagoya University in Japan. The main purpose of this data collection is to build corpora (large bodies of representative data) for a new research challenge - human behavior signal processing. Environmental and vehicular situations associated with a driving route have been captured through cameras, microphones and accelerometers. In addition, drivers' physiological measurements and their driving maneuvers are also recorded so that multiple and multi-modal signals of human behavior collected under actual driving conditions can be used for signal processing research. Based on those signal corpora, various experiments applying digital signal processing (DSP) to human driving behavior have been conducted.

The studies referred to in this presentation include analysis of personality through observation of driving behavior (Miyajima 2007), predicting driving behavior of individual drivers (Nishiwaki 2009), detecting potential threats (Malta 2009) and detecting driver frustration (Malta 2011).

The presenter will also discuss recent field trials of a new method for improving driving safety which involves using an advanced signal browsing environment to access driving behavior records.


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Malta, L., Miyajima, C., Kitaoka, N., & Takeda, K. (2011). “Analysis of real-world driver’s frustration,” IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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